If you recognise any of these issues whilst planning a wedding, you need to hire a Wedding Planner

Ok, so we are wedding planners

so of course we want you to ask us for help. But in all seriousness wedding planning has its difficulties so have a look at this list and consider how much easier the wedding planning would be with experienced, professional wedding planners… like us!

  • You’re way behind on your checklist and schedule
  • You both work full-time jobs that will prevent you from meeting with vendors on weekdays
  • You don’t have other outside help such as an involved mother-of-the-bride, helpful bridesmaids, or knowledgeable friends
  • You don’t know many people who can give you reliable vendor recommendations
  • You are having a destination wedding
  • There are personality conflicts between the couple, their parents, and/or other people
  • You’re excited to be married, but just thinking about wedding planning fills you with dread
  • You’re having a very short engagement
  • You can envision your wedding, you have no idea how to make your dreams come true
  • You can’t even envision your wedding
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and generally wishing that you had decided to elope

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Weddings are one of life’s greatest milestones.

For so many the wedding day has been something they’ve been told is the most important day of their lives. Consequently they’ve been planning and fantasizing about their big day since they were young. And that’s probably a good thing since there are so many aspects of a good wedding, especially for traditional ceremonies. If it isn’t done right, the ceremony just doesn’t mean as much. That’s where a wedding planner comes in. Continue reading