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How do we do what we do best?

Well to coin a phrase…the devil is in the detail.

We organise events by planning, planning, planning.

Firstly we have a briefing meeting designed to find out what you think you want from your function. What do you want to achieve, who will be coming and the tone of the event are key features on which we will build.

Then with your budget in mind we will go away and plan the concepts for themes, music, venue, entertainment and of course food and drink. We will come back to you and discuss our proposals in concept in order that we can go away and start planning the detail.

This is when the real work starts and we will meet with you periodically to view where we are. All contacts will be recorded by using a ‘contact report’ which will be emailed to you within five hours of a meeting or conversation. Our contact reports are important because all changes will be reported here and will form the basis of our contract and alterations to contract.

Please bear in mind that for efficiency we will have one point of contact who together with your own single designated point of contact will be responsible for funnelling all information and instructions through.

We will then go and book the component parts of your function and commence work on the design ideas whether they be invitations (which form the first impression of your event) or room décor etc.

As we get closer to the function we will meet more regularly and formulate the all important running order which will form the basis of the function and will be the reference points for bring all the elements together to make a completely successful whole!

On the event day itself we will be a chameleon – changing colour to suit our background. We will be there at all times blending in to the background ensuring all the anticipated events happen when and where they are meant to and any unanticipated circumstances are dealt with in an appropriate and quiet manner so no one is even aware that such are a change from plan.

Our commitment on the day is the same as the mission in the build up only more intense – to ensure the smooth running of your event achieving your objectives and allowing you to enjoy it in full peace of mind.

Immediately after the event we will complete a closing contact report reviewing all aspects of our performance, our sub contractors performances and the event as a whole.

Some weeks later at a convenient time we will meet to debrief ensuring that any lessons that can be learned are.

Our experience and management are designed to ensure that your worries become our worries and our worries vanish because we manage them!